Make-a-friend with a New Syrian Family Program - Call for volunteers

As you already know, there is a large number Syrian newcomers to the Ottawa area that are being settled.

To help them get acquainted with the Canadian way of life, we are looking for volunteers to spare ~5 hrs/week to help them. We ask that fluent Arabic and English speakers only apply please.

Tasks include:

  • Helping them do basic things like navigate the ATM machine, where to buy groceries and how to purchase things. How to pay by Debit Card. 
  • Take them to the English assessment centre to get the adults and the kids evaluated. and help register them in school 
  • Drive them around town and show them the area they live in and what amenities are available 
  • Introduce them to community centres 
  • Give them your phone number so they can call you in case they have questions. 
We have 17 families that need friends and we expect that number to rise. If you are interested, please fill the form below

Volunteer Signup Form


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