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Popup menu auto-locator

Here is another one I noticed today.  If you happen to click on a pop up menu that goes beyond the usual 3 - 5 items, you will surely not like having to scan through the entire list until you find what you are looking for.  Here is one I had to deal with today: This is from empathy I was looking for freenode and luckily the list was sorted alphabetically.  Ideally, it would be nice if I can type the first letter from the entry I am looking for to select it so if I press "f", the first alphabetical entry that has "f" should show up.  If I press "fr" then the first alphabetical item that starts with "fr" would be displayed, etc. The same applies for numbers if they are listed.


Having used a Mac and linux for the past 15+ years, I can't but help notice the big difference between how the usability for Mac OS X has matured compared to Linux. I have decided to document my thoughts and ideas into this blog so I can revisit them or share them with whom ever wants to listen :-). Before I start, you need to know why I am doing this.  I am a very strong believer in FLOSS and what is stands for but more importantly what it can accomplish.  Currently, Linux is a very viable desktop / laptop OS for the almost-masses.  Technically it seems to be getting better and better.  Almost-gone are the days you need to hunt for your ethernet card to work.  Unfortunately, one area Linux lacks is usability. To inaugurate my new GNOME category, I am starting with a simple usability item that all GNOME applications should have.  I am talking about a window sizer. Here is a screen shot so you know what I am talking about: BTW, this is from FireFox 3. I can't tell you how many t