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Admin BIP (IRC Proxy) remotely

At work , I use BIP as a proxy server to keep me on IRC so I can see what I missed and respond to any pings while I was sleeping. As the admin for our instance of BIP, I hated having to restart it every time I added a new user. Little did I know, you can administer BIP remotely if you are are setup as the admin. Here is how to set it up and use it.  Designate your account as admin: Open bip.conf found in /etc (I use Ubuntu) Add  admin = true; Restart BIP More information are in the bip.conf man page. Admin BIP from your favourite IRC client Go to your favourite IRC client that is connected to BIP and type /quote BIP HELP Voila. You are prsented with a list of commands you can pass bip. My favourite is RELOAD .